Happy Halloween from CMS!

CMS Nashville wishes you a Happy Halloween and a safe weekend of Fall fun!

Today we like: Business2Community.com published a treat of an article today about B2B "Halloween Marketing Strategies". These 7 short marketing points may seem a jest when parodied with one one of America's favorite consumer holidays but the truth behind them is so true that its almost spooky. 

"From an early age, Halloween teaches us to take what scares us and turn it into something fun and exciting. All too often though, in our professional lives – especially in marketing – we can still let fear steer us away from the risky yet right moves for the business, in favor of the path of least resistance. But as marketers, a big part of our job revolves around facing fear – not only our own, but the fears of our buyers as well. When we can turn fear on its head, we can tap into powerful emotions that resonate with audiences, or reinforce effective content."                                          

-Andrew Moravick

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